Hour of Code

We  partners with  public and private schools to bring high quality computer science instruction to students.

During the school day, our instructors teach semester-long resource classes that allow students to explore the concepts of computational thinking, data analysis, human/computer interaction, programming logic, robotics, web literacy, and careers in computing. Itech Code curriculum focuses on project-based learning. Itech Code believes in students completing hands-on activities in order to increase their engagement and excitement around STEM.

About Us

For over a decade we have built up a reputation for delivering quality IT support and IT projects in Nigeria. Companies that have between 2 – 200 staff can join the hundreds of other companies we currently support. Please take the time to read our case studies or contact our clients to hear first hand the level of support and expertise our teams provide.

Our staff constantly undergo training to be sure the quality of support and customer service always exceeds your expectation. Our motto here in the office is “obsessed with service, passionate about technology”. On many occasions our clients have said “thank you once again for your help and talking in our language”. It’s a trait of Itech’s employees that your open, honest, highly skilled and give exceptional customer service.