Maintain Your Computer In 4 Steps

Knowing how to maintain your computer can keep your system running like new for years to come. However, most of us tend to buy it and forget it.
Today we are going to cover 4 easy steps to maintain your computer on a regular basis that you can incorporate into your cleaning routine.
1.) The Maintenance
The first step in how to maintain your computer is to keep up on the regular maintenance.
Run any virus and malware scans on a regular basis. As well, run your disk defrag, empty your recycle bin, and delete any temporary files.
Never allow your hard drive space to go below 10% free. If your hard drive is filled to the brim, then your computer will run like molasses.
If you need help with any of this, call our help desk and we can walk you through the steps.
2.) The Insides
To maintain your computer you have to deal with everything that is on the inside and treat the components properly. Thankfully, this does not involve opening your computer. You can maintain your computer easily by the programs that are installed in Windows.
As we mentioned before in the first step, running defrag, antivirus and malware scans, as well as keeping your main drive with some free space will keep your PC running smoothly. Be sure to check all these things at least once a month if not more often.
As well, only do a hard reset (holding down the power button until the computer turns off) when you absolutely have to.
Some patience goes a long way with computers. If you have an application that is no longer responding, wait a few minutes to see if it just needs some time to catch up to the commands you inputted. If it still does not respond, use press ctrl/alt/delete at the same time to bring up the task manager and force the program to shut down.
If your computer is just running slow in general or something is not working as it should, try to reset it using the reset feature under the start menu. 9 times out of 10 this will correct the problem without the damage that a hard reset can cause.
3.) The Outsides
Keeping your computer clean is just as important as keeping the insides up to date. One of the most overlook aspects of how to maintain your computer is dust and heat.
These are two of the worst enemies of your PC. Be sure that your computer does not have dust building up around or inside the box. If possible, keep your computer in a well-ventilated area and off the floor. If you notice that it is becoming dusty, then you can use a few basic cleaning supplies to spruce it up.
For your monitor, use a moist wipe and a dry dusting cloth. Do not use any harsh cleaning supplies (such as Windex). To clean your keyboard, you can use a can of air (found in most electronic stores or computer supply stores) to reach in between the keys and blow out any dirt and dust.
The can of air can also be used to clean your computer if you are feeling ambitious. You can open the case and carefully blow out the dust that is collecting on the components as well as clear the vents.
4.) The Updates
As with any good maintenance plan, staying on top of things is always the best solution.
So when you maintain your computer, be sure to make time to keep everything up to date. Update any software, antivirus, and Windows as they become available.
These updates are created not only to give you newer features but also to patch any security vulnerabilities that have cropped up since the last update. Updates can keep your computer safe from malware and viruses which will keep yoru computer running for the long haul.
Do you take time each month to maintain your computer? Do you have any tips we missed? Share your thoughts!
As always, if you would like any assistance with completing any of the tips mentioned, contact our help desk directly at 08055176947 for a certified technician to assist.

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